Google / iPhone Calendar

Function of the reservation system:

Google / iPhone Calendar

Reservation directly in the customer's diary

The customer saves the reservation in his calendar

The address of the device is also saved

He won't forget the reservation or where he should show up

About our function - Google / iPhone Calendar

When a customer makes a reservation for a service, in the last step they will be shown the address on the map , as well as the option to save the reservation in their calendar. He simply adds it to his other reservations in the calendar he uses, so that the customer does not forget about the reservation.

Function Google / iPhone Calendar - suitable for segments:

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DUOS očná optika
Dish Burgers
Bukowski bar
Bistro ST. Germain
Barber Club
MMG Freedom Barbers
Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

manažér kliniky MAZREKU medical

Lukáš Hric

Lukáš Hric

majiteľ HRIC zubná ambulancia

Rastislav Jakubička

Rastislav Jakubička

MAJITEĽ Auto Arena

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Optometrist & Optician DUOS očná optika

Since we started using the functionality of bookia - paid reservations - we have managed to eliminate canceled reservations just before the deadline, thereby achieving smooth running of clinics and making our services more efficient.

The exact time and date of patients' appointments is considered an above-standard service in the healthcare industry, which the BOOKIO system in our outpatient clinic has placed in the role of an expected and nowadays necessary service. The BOOKIO system, on which we built the core of our company, brings to our patients, but also to us, an up-to-date and accurate overview of a specific day, patient information and, last but not least , the functionality of making an appointment with a doctor without contacting the staff. We have transferred the order, which until now was the task of the medical staff, to the online environment, and we can devote more of our energy to our patients. We consider the system to be very easy to use with functions that easily cover the requirements of the operator offering the services. It was easy to set up the system and use it either by us or by the patient.

Bookio surprised me in that it saves our time . I didn't expect that at all. It made our bookings more transparent and prevented confusion and misunderstandings (e.g. we used to accidentally book more clients for one date). Thanks to a greater overview, we can now manage more orders. In addition, thanks to SMS reminders, clients do not forget to come and the service does not lose money .

The booking system through Bookio is very transparent and really reliable . We especially appreciate functions such as reminding the customer of the appointment by SMS and e-mail . Since Bookio automatically sends reminders, it has significantly saved us hours of time . And in addition, we have almost 100% reservation utilization, as customers do not forget their appointment anymore.

The bookio reservation system in numbers:

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