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Information about customers

Build relationships like Jamie Oliver

You will no longer throw away information about customers and visits at the end of the year

You know how to work with them and build loyal customers

You can use the contacts on the newsletter

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With each reservation, you also get a contact for your customer . Your contacts are collected in one place and you can then use them for the newsletter about news , as well as for strengthening the relationship with clients. At the same time , the reservation book remembers what service you provided to the client, whether he is a VIP customer, a problem client or the name of the client's pet. With this information , each customer becomes a regular customer.

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MMG Freedom Barbers
Zdravé masáže
Barber Club
DUOS očná optika
Rehab klinik
Dobrý kouč
MUDr. Linda Králiková

MUDr. Linda Králiková

konateľ a garant ambulancie FBLR Fyzioactive

Juraj Michalových

Juraj Michalových

Manažér Au café

Martina Hojsíková

Martina Hojsíková

manager hotela Panorama Trenčianske Teplice

Tatiana Horváthová

Tatiana Horváthová

Sekcia inovácií, strategických investícií a analýz (HUB)

We are very satisfied with Bookio. Booking planning is transparent and clear . We also want to highlight SMS reminders of appointments to our patients, which are automated. They saved us a lot of time and energy. I can't imagine working without this system.

Au Cafe was the first restaurant within the Roman Restaurants network to test Bookio. We immediately liked him and recommended him not only to our colleagues in the Roman Restaurants chain, but also to fellow managers from other establishments.

Our hotel was one of the first hotels that started using the Bookio system for sales, but also as a hotel reservation system for wellness procedures. The Bookio reservation system made our reservations more transparent and facilitated and modernized work in our new wellness center of the hotel. Bookio helped especially with regard to the timing of the procedures, as our hotel offers a wide range of them. Customers call less and book the service directly online. We have fewer phone calls and customers are satisfied that they can make a reservation at any time of the day or night. We also appreciate the possibility of payment in advance , which brought us a decrease in forfeited reservations.

The online reservation portal BOOKIO greatly helped our project team in implementing a project from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic aimed at educating seniors in digital skills, where we could provide seniors with information about dates and addresses for the implementation of their training. Thanks to the SMS gateway and email notifications offered by the system, we were able to connect with many seniors in Slovakia and remind them of their upcoming reservation at regular intervals . At the same time, we appreciate the high professionalism of the entire team as well as the setup and appearance of the system. The BOOKIO booking system provides simple control, clear bookings and a number of options for creating courses, offering as much detail and information as possible for clients. The added value was also the cooperation with the BOOKIO team , who were always helpful and willing to listen to every request to improve the system or adapt it to our wishes and needs. We rate BOOKIO as a highly useful and professional reservation system suitable for everyone.

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