Reports and statistics

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Reports and statistics

Manage your business based on data. We will help you with important decisions

Learn more about your customers

You will be able to manage your time better

Thanks to the data, you will make better decisions

About our function - Reports and statistics

Do you want to have more information when making decisions about your business? With the help of statistics, you will find out which service is the most ordered, which worker is the busiest , as well as who brought you the highest profits . You will also know the exact composition of regular versus new customers , you will be able to work more efficiently with the utilization of the equipment , calculate with the most requested service or opening hours.

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Gašperov mlyn
Hotel Panorama
Dish Burgers
MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

RHINO ORL ambulancia Bratislava

Mgr. Andrea Puková

Mgr. Andrea Puková

MANAŽÉRKA Veselá labka

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

manažér kliniky MAZREKU medical

Veronika Pekárková

Veronika Pekárková

Manažérka Café Imperial

Since we use Bookio in our clinics, we are not interrupted by phone calls during patient examinations. We can fully devote ourselves to our patients, while other patients have the opportunity to independently search and book an appointment that suits them, even from the comfort of their own home .

Since we have several animal salons and more and more employees, we were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use reservation system . I admit that at first I myself was worried about how to set up the reservations correctly, but I succeeded and neither the employees nor the customers have a problem with it. The system also made it possible to have greater insight into the work of individual employees. In addition, dog groomers appreciate the opportunity to view bookings from home and manage their time more efficiently . I rate the communication with the Bookia staff at 1* . They will help even during vacation :)

Since we started using the functionality of bookia - paid reservations - we have managed to eliminate canceled reservations just before the deadline, thereby achieving smooth running of clinics and making our services more efficient.

Bookio allowed us to make the reservation system more transparent and, without even trying to do so, use the restaurant's capacity even more and thus increase sales.

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