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Reports and insightful data analytics

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About the feature - Reports and insightful data analytics

Do you want more information when making decisions about your business? With our insightful data analytics, you will see which service is booked the most, which employee is the busiest, as well as who brought you the highest profits. You will also know the exact ratio of your regular and new customers, you can work more efficiently with the capacity of your establishment, do calculations on the most requested service or adjust the opening hours.

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Mauro Simon
Bukowski bar
Jamie Oliver´s Diner
Michal Kováč

Michal Kováč

Tréner Flexitarian.sk

Martin Kružlík

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

Mgr. Martin Chudý

Mgr. Martin Chudý

CEO Chirkoz medical clinic

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Optometrist & Optician DUOS očná optika

Bookio is a scheduling system, thanks to which I not only have a better overview of bookings, but it also enables my clients to book various services, such as training for two or group training. New clients simply book an appointment that is available according to their time preferences. I also very much appreciate the option of repeat bookings and the transfer of bookings using drag and drop.

We use Bookio in both our bars- Bukowski and Baudelaire. Previously, we handled bookings through a combination of social media messages and phone calls, which led to various misunderstandings. After the implementation of the Bookio system, our colleagues have less trouble with taking down bookings manually , we have fewer errors in reservations, and we also appreciate the flexibility of the system, in which we can < b>turn off and on individual zones of bars according to the season and set the maximum number of bookings for different days.

After working hours, we sometimes had up to 15 missed calls a day. They were all customers who wanted to make an appointment. Unfortunately, when we called them back the next morning, most of them had already booked an appointment with one of our competitors. Since we started using Bookio we have been getting more bookings even after working hours and that is what we needed.

The reservation system through Bookio is very clear and really reliable.  We especially appreciate features such as reminding the customer about the appointment via SMS and e-mail. Since Bookio automatically sends reminders, it hassaved us a lot of time. What’s more, we have almost 100% booking utilization, as customers do not forget their appointment anymore.

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