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Perfect reservation system for Bars and Pubs. Utilization of bar capacity, customer satisfaction and the prestige level of the business.

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Show customers how popular your business is and implement a proven lighting system. You will get a clear online tool that will allow customers to make a reservation in a few clicks from home. The system automatically displays only free times and available tables , allowing you to perfectly streamline the running of your business with maximum utilization of capacity . Plus with Bookio. you will also get statistics of your workload , with which you can constantly optimize your business.

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Save time

Online reservations save more than 40% of time. Employees work and do not run to the phone, customers choose a free date themselves.

It will increase sales

More than 65% of customers prefer an online reservation to a telephone one. Up to 35% of clients book outside opening hours.

Detailed statistics

You have an overview of the utilization of services, days or employees. You know where your customers are from and which employee they are most satisfied with.

Simply, quickly, flexibly

You can quickly adjust the design of the online form yourself so that it matches the color of your website, 8 language versions, PC, tablet and mobile.

Guarantees and reliability

Possibility to try it for free for 1 month, we have 20 years of experience + strong references, we guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Verified feedbacks

The customer will receive an email for evaluation only after the service has been provided. False evaluations are thus impossible.

References from our clients from the segment bars

Pavel Jiroušek

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

We are satisfied with the choice of Bookio, its deployment simplified and made our operation more efficient . The system is already mature and stable . The web interface is intuitive and easy to use from phones and tablets at the bar and thus enables our employees to work with reservations dynamically and in real time with a minimum of additional communication about reservations "outside the system". Our customers appreciate and increasingly use the reservation form on the web , which immediately informs them of the current free capacity . As a result, many phone calls to our reservation number were dropped. The support from Bookio is very good , the response to several of our suggestions to improve the system was always quick and helpful.

Martin Kružlík

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

We use Bookio in both our Bukowski and Baudelaire bars. Previously , we handled reservations through a combination of messages from social networks and phone calls , which led to various misunderstandings . After the implementation of the Bookio system , our colleagues have less trouble with manually recording reservations, we have fewer mistakes when recording reservations, and we also appreciate the flexibility of the system, in which we can turn off and on individual bar zones according to the season and determine the maximum number of reservations for different days.

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

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