Reservation via Google

Function of the reservation system:

Reservation via Google

Reservations directly in Google maps, search and Google Assistant

Reservations via Google maps/search/Assistant

Higher search positions

The possibility of booking as soon as customers find you on the web.

About our function - Reservation via Google

Thanks to the use of the Bookio reservation system. you can have the "Reserve" button directly in Google search, maps and Google Assistant. This is how you can attract new customers and also improve the position of your website in Google search . Another advantage that sets you apart from the competition.

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Hotel Devín
Jamie Oliver´s Diner
Rehab klinik
Na kopci
Attila Danter

Attila Danter

majiteľ STK a KO v 5 mestách na SVK

Matouš Petráň

Matouš Petráň

majiteľ Dish - fine bistro

Mgr. Andrea Puková

Mgr. Andrea Puková

MANAŽÉRKA Veselá labka

Milan Veselý

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

Thanks to Bookio, we have a perfect overview of the workload of our employees. We even linked incentive rewards to it, which significantly increased not only the efficiency of their work , but also the motivation to maintain a high standard of service, which was already appreciated by our customers themselves.

Bookio. I am happy to recommend it to other restaurants. In the field of reservation systems for restaurants, I currently do not see any competition on the Czech market.

Since we have several animal salons and more and more employees, we were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use reservation system . I admit that at first I myself was worried about how to set up the reservations correctly, but I succeeded and neither the employees nor the customers have a problem with it. The system also made it possible to have greater insight into the work of individual employees. In addition, dog groomers appreciate the opportunity to view bookings from home and manage their time more efficiently . I rate the communication with the Bookia staff at 1* . They will help even during vacation :)

Using Bookio. it brought us insight into reservations as well as simplified the work of waiters in the district. In the e-book, they can see the reservations clearly in one place, and they don't have to pick up the phone instead of customer service. I appreciate that I can look at the reservations on my phone at home , and also write them down when someone calls me directly.

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