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Bookio. booking system is a reliable partner for eye clinics, it helps them to plan and streamlines their business.

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Bookio. booking engine provides the clinic with a booking overview and brings order to the bookings, which is appreciated by  doctors, nurses and also reception staff. Each doctor or employee can see through their access what appointments are assigned to them and what tasks await them on that day. Bookio streamlines working hours and optimizes the booking process. The system automatically reminds patients about appointments and so saves time for nurses and assistants. No-shows are no longer a threat. Eye clinics use Bookio‘s functionality of a deposit

Important features for eye clinics

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Key values for eye clinics

Online bookings

Bookio enables your clients to book online 24/7 from your website, Facebook, Google and other channels.

Simple, fast and flexible.

You can quickly customize the design of the online form to match your website. 8 language versions, PC, tablet and mobile.

Detailed data analytics

You have an overview of the utilization of services, days or employees. You know where your customers are coming from and which employee they are most satisfied with.

Outstanding customer support

You can easily set up Bookio yourself in 5 minutes and our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Online payment / Gift vouchers

You can easily set up online payments or booking deposits, or quickly make and sell online vouchers or season tickets.

Guarantees and credibility

1-month free trial, 20 years of experience + great testimonials. We guarantee GDPR compliance.

Testimonials from our clients in the industry eye clinics

Mauro Simon

Mauro Simon

majiteľ očnej a estetickej kliniky

Since we have been using Bookio, our customer service has improved significantly. With Bookio, we can see all important information about the customer as well as the history of their visits. Customers are also very pleasantly surprised if our booking system directly offers them their favorite service with their exact specification. We are very satisfied with Bookio.

Mauro Simon

majiteľ očnej a estetickej kliniky

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