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Customers who visit your website, don‘t have the option of direct booking, or can‘t purchase your services? That's such a shame. Even if they like your company and what you do, they have no chance to book your services straight away. They must wait till you are open and then call you. But half of the potential clients will no longer do that, because it isn't so interesting for them with the passage of time. Transform all your potential clients into your customers, using the booking form directly on your website.

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Rehab klinik
Zdravé masáže
Fabrika the beer pub
Gašperov mlyn
Barber Club
JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

Zakladateľka Centra Vzdušnej Akrobacie a hlavný tréner

Mgr. Milan Bališ

Mgr. Milan Bališ

CEO Health&Performance

Martin Kružlík

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

Samuel Pižont

Samuel Pižont

majiteľ Barber Club Košice

With group courses, it is extradifficult to fill them and also keep track of capacity. We can't even imagine it without Bookio anymore. We have several courses and limited capacity. Before using Bookio, we had to go through a lot of phone calls and text messages in order to find a suitable date for all attendees and at the same time utilize the capacity efficiently.

Since our trainers and physiotherapists do not have computers in their work, it is an advantage for them that they can open BOOKIO also on their mobile phones. They can simply and quickly see what is ahead of them or whether a client has canceled their booking. It's great that Bookio is available online and there is no need to install anything.

We use Bookio in both our bars- Bukowski and Baudelaire. Previously, we handled bookings through a combination of social media messages and phone calls, which led to various misunderstandings. After the implementation of the Bookio system, our colleagues have less trouble with taking down bookings manually , we have fewer errors in reservations, and we also appreciate the flexibility of the system, in which we can < b>turn off and on individual zones of bars according to the season and set the maximum number of bookings for different days.

Bookio has has streamlined the running of our Barber club.  Customers conveniently self-book online and our barbers can easily view the bookings on their mobile phone. We also appreciate thetags. We tag customers, so even a new team member knows right away what customer they are serving.

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