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Reservation from the website

Easy booking directly from the site

Available dates available

Customers don't have to wait until you open

They know how to book right away

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Customers who are on your site do not have the option of direct booking or cannot purchase your services? That's a huge shame. Even if they like your company and what you do, they don't have a chance to book your services right away . They have to wait until you open and call you. Half of the potential clients will not do that, because it is no longer so interesting for them. Turn all your potential clients into your customers, using the booking form directly on your website.

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MAZREKU medical
Hotel Panorama
Baudelaire late bar and bistro
DUOS očná optika
Dish Burgers
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Andrej Malárik


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Daniel Kulla


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Roy Zsidai

Majiteľ Jamie Oliver´s Diner

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Michal Kováč

Tréner Flexitarian.sk

For a long time, we were looking for a reservation system that can adapt to the individual requirements of the client. After two attempts, we tried Bookio. The communication and interest in the satisfaction of their product was something we had not come across and it really appealed to us. We appreciate the e-mail notifications , which made it much more efficient for patients to attend appointments. Physiotherapists appreciate the possibility to view their reservations from home, or the simple registration of patients for regular visits. From the point of view of management, the statistics that are available to me 24/7 are very useful .

At Hotel Devín, we have been working for a long time to ensure that the client can comfortably and quickly book any of our services. With the system for booking accommodation, it is relatively easy, because there are several excellent solutions on the market. However, we had a problem with the technology for booking the services of our Spa center, that is, Thai massages and squash. The Bookio team managed to successfully "fill" this gap . I especially appreciate their solution for the ease of booking an appointment for the client and email or SMS notifications , which are very convenient for the client.

We chose Bookio., because we feel that the team of people around this project shares the same values as us - they have a great work ethic and passion for what they do. Bookio. is a young but rapidly developing company and we are only happy to support and work with such a company. Developing a new version of Bookio together. has been an exciting journey and we are already looking forward to more joint projects in the future.

Bookio is a planning system, thanks to which I not only have a better overview of reservations , but also allows my clients to book various services , such as training in pairs or group training. New clients simply book a free appointment, according to their time options. In addition, I really appreciate the possibility of repeated bookings and the transfer of bookings using drag and drop.

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