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Customers who visit your website, don‘t have the option of direct booking, or can‘t purchase your services? That's such a shame. Even if they like your company and what you do, they have no chance to book your services straight away. They must wait till you are open and then call you. But half of the potential clients will no longer do that, because it isn't so interesting for them with the passage of time. Transform all your potential clients into your customers, using the booking form directly on your website.

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MAZREKU medical
Dobrý kouč
Baudelaire late bar and bistro
Gašperov mlyn
Cafe Imperial
Milan Veselý

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

Eva Prekopová

Eva Prekopová

majiteľ Tatry FLy

Ing. Martin Bestvina

Ing. Martin Bestvina

Founder and managing director Lemonsai

Mauro Simon

Mauro Simon

majiteľ očnej a estetickej kliniky

Using Bookio. has given us an overview in reservations as well as simplified the work our waiters. In the e-book, they can see the bookings clearly in one place, and they don't have to pick up the phone instead of attending to customers. I appreciate that I can view the reservations at home on my phone, and also write them down into the system when someone calls me directly

Bookio is an excellent reservation system that met our expectations 100%. Maximum individualization. The reservation system meets all our requirements. Bookio has no competition for us yet

After purchasing the Bookio product, our communication with our clients has significantly improved . Besides reminding us and the client about the appointment in advance, Bookio has increased the number of realized meetings and that in our business means increase in sales. Clients really appreciate that we send them reminders. The great thing is that Bookio does that for us :). If I had to describe what Bookio means to us in just few words, it would be‘organization, professionalism, more meetings and business, order and data analytics‘. This system is so universal that it will be appreciated by a freelancer, medium-sized company or even a big corporation.

Since we have been using Bookio, our customer service has improved significantly. With Bookio, we can see all important information about the customer as well as the history of their visits. Customers are also very pleasantly surprised if our booking system directly offers them their favorite service with their exact specification. We are very satisfied with Bookio.

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