Special events

Function of the reservation system:

Special events

Fill your business at times when it is almost empty

Easy creation of special events with paid reservation

A chance to fill idle time in the company

The waiter will verify the validity of the voucher on arrival using the system

About our function - Special events

This function allows you to create a special reservation form for various events in your company, such as tasting dinners or the presentation of a new ticket . Through this reservation form , in addition to reserving a table (for a specific date and exact time), guests can also pay the price of the menu or ticket in advance. In the Bookio manager profile. you can easily create an event. You can publish the reservation form for the event on your website, on Facebook, or in the newsletter. Reservations for events marked as EVENT are saved directly in the Bookio reservation book. The reservation book also collects valuable data about the guests who come to the event.

Function Special events - suitable for segments:

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Companies using Special events:

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Eva Prekopová

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Samuel Pižont

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Erik Ondrejkovič


MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

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Bookio is an excellent reservation system that met our expectations 100%. Maximum individualization. The reservation system meets all our requirements . Bookio has no competition for us yet.

The Bookio reservation system made the running of our Barber club transparent and simple . Customers can conveniently book online and our barbers can easily view the bookings on their mobile phones . We also appreciate the label work. We assign labels to customers, so even a new team member immediately knows which customer he is serving.

Bookio is a very user-friendly software. He helped our clinic with ordering clients and ensured a better overview of our work . The biggest plus that Bookio has brought us is ordering clients online , that is, the client can schedule his rehabilitation at any time and through any device, be it a computer, mobile or tablet. The very launch of the application brought us new clients already in the first month , as several clients signed up to us through the Facebook page and the website for an entrance examination , as well as exercise or massages. We rate Bookio as a top application.

Since we use Bookio in our clinics, we are not interrupted by phone calls during patient examinations. We can fully devote ourselves to our patients, while other patients have the opportunity to independently search and book an appointment that suits them, even from the comfort of their own home .

The bookio reservation system in numbers:

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