Connection with external systems

Booking engine feature:

Connection with external systems

All bookings and client information in one system

Bookings also displayed in external systems

Automatic setting of services in Bookio according to the list of services in the system

All the changes made in the external system are automatically transferred to Bookio.

About the feature - Connection with external systems

Bookio. booking engine enables external network connectivity to several systems. These include, for example, hotel systems Oberon, Hores, Previo, HorecaGroup. It can also be connected to Google calendar and it is fully linked to < b style="font-size: 1rem;"> information system ADAM from the CompuGroup Medical company. Connection works using an API, which ensures mutual calendar synchronization. In addition, you can set which tasks or rooms you want to offer for online booking and which ones not. Bookio will take care of all your reservations, will remind your clients about them < b style="font-size: 1rem;"> and will store all data in an external system, where you have complete information about your clients. Connecting systems is simple and effortless. All services are downloaded and set up in Bookio. The connection to the Google calendar is one-sided, that is, information from Bookio will be displayed in the calendar.

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BookioPro simplifies our booking process . Our guests can book a table through our website anytime, allowing us to accommodate more guests and have a better overview. The number of phone reservations has dropped and the staff can focus better on the customers who are seated in our restaurant.

At Hotel Devín, we have worked hard to ensure that our client can book any of our services quickly and conveniently. With the accommodation booking system it is quite easy, because there are several excellent solutions on the market. However, we had a problem with the technology for booking our Spa services, Thai massages and squash in particular. This gap was successfully "filled" by Bookio. What I appreciate most about their solution is the ease of booking an appointment for the client and theemail or SMS notifications, which are very convenient for the client.

Bookio is an excellent reservation system that met our expectations 100%. Maximum individualization. The reservation system meets all our requirements. Bookio has no competition for us yet

Since our trainers and physiotherapists do not have computers in their work, it is an advantage for them that they can open BOOKIO also on their mobile phones. They can simply and quickly see what is ahead of them or whether a client has canceled their booking. It's great that Bookio is available online and there is no need to install anything.

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