Notices to workers

Function of the reservation system:

Notices to workers

It will no longer happen that the workers do not notice the reservation

The worker receives an email/sms every time a new reservation is made

An email/sms will also arrive when the reservation is changed to another date

He is also informed when the reservation is cancelled

About our function - Notices to workers

The employee can receive an e-mail or SMS whenever a new reservation is added for him or one is changed or canceled. It will no longer happen that the worker does not know about the reservation , or that he does not know that something has changed about it. This will be especially appreciated by employees who are assigned reservations by other employees.

Function Notices to workers - suitable for segments:

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Dish Burgers
Fabrika 48
Dobrý kouč
Hotel Devín
Zdravé masáže
Fabrika the beer pub
Mauro Simon

Mauro Simon

majiteľ očnej a estetickej kliniky

Tatiana Horváthová

Tatiana Horváthová

Sekcia inovácií, strategických investícií a analýz (HUB)

Milada Nádašiová

Milada Nádašiová

MAJITEĽ A KONATEĽ Centrum pedikúry a podológie

Lukáš Hric

Lukáš Hric

majiteľ HRIC zubná ambulancia

Since we have been using Bookio, our customer service has improved significantly. In Bookio, we can see all the important notes about the customer as well as his visit history . Customers are also very pleasantly surprised if our booking system directly offers them their favorite service with their exact specification. We are very satisfied with Bookio.

The online reservation portal BOOKIO greatly helped our project team in implementing a project from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic aimed at educating seniors in digital skills, where we could provide seniors with information about dates and addresses for the implementation of their training. Thanks to the SMS gateway and email notifications offered by the system, we were able to connect with many seniors in Slovakia and remind them of their upcoming reservation at regular intervals . At the same time, we appreciate the high professionalism of the entire team as well as the setup and appearance of the system. The BOOKIO booking system provides simple control, clear bookings and a number of options for creating courses, offering as much detail and information as possible for clients. The added value was also the cooperation with the BOOKIO team , who were always helpful and willing to listen to every request to improve the system or adapt it to our wishes and needs. We rate BOOKIO as a highly useful and professional reservation system suitable for everyone.

We decided to work with the reservation system in the company about two years ago. We have more than 3,000 clients and a total of 5 employees who depend on a properly functioning reservation system. The advantages of the reservation system are that it is possible to see each of us either separately or together , or a combination of workers according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The reservation system is connected to an SMS gateway, which allows us to automatically remind the client of the appointment either by a short text message to a mobile phone or by email.

The exact time and date of patients' appointments is considered an above-standard service in the healthcare industry, which the BOOKIO system in our outpatient clinic has placed in the role of an expected and nowadays necessary service. The BOOKIO system, on which we built the core of our company, brings to our patients, but also to us, an up-to-date and accurate overview of a specific day, patient information and, last but not least , the functionality of making an appointment with a doctor without contacting the staff. We have transferred the order, which until now was the task of the medical staff, to the online environment, and we can devote more of our energy to our patients. We consider the system to be very easy to use with functions that easily cover the requirements of the operator offering the services. It was easy to set up the system and use it either by us or by the patient.

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