Accommodation packages

Function of the reservation system:

Accommodation packages

Simple creation of attractive service packages

Simple creation of stay packages

Option to add additional services to the package

Selection of channels where the packages will be offered

About our function - Accommodation packages

Bookio. allows you to easily arrange stay packages (e.g. New Year's stay, Easter stay) for the selected period. In the clear interface, you can create any number of packages , add interesting additional services to them, add an unlimited number of photos and also easily regulate the price depending on the number of nights . Packages are then automatically available in your booking form as well as on your preferred sales channels.

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Fabrika the beer pub
Cafe Imperial
CompuGroup medical
Dish Burgers
Michal Kováč

Michal Kováč

Tréner Flexitarian.sk

Matouš Petráň

Matouš Petráň

majiteľ Dish - fine bistro

Martin Kružlík

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

manažér kliniky MAZREKU medical

Bookio is a planning system, thanks to which I not only have a better overview of reservations , but also allows my clients to book various services , such as training in pairs or group training. New clients simply book a free appointment, according to their time options. In addition, I really appreciate the possibility of repeated bookings and the transfer of bookings using drag and drop.

Bookio. I am happy to recommend it to other restaurants. In the field of reservation systems for restaurants, I currently do not see any competition on the Czech market.

We use Bookio in both our Bukowski and Baudelaire bars. Previously , we handled reservations through a combination of messages from social networks and phone calls , which led to various misunderstandings . After the implementation of the Bookio system , our colleagues have less trouble with manually recording reservations, we have fewer mistakes when recording reservations, and we also appreciate the flexibility of the system, in which we can turn off and on individual bar zones according to the season and determine the maximum number of reservations for different days.

Since we started using the functionality of bookia - paid reservations - we have managed to eliminate canceled reservations just before the deadline, thereby achieving smooth running of clinics and making our services more efficient.

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