Advance payments and deposits

Booking engine feature:

Advance payments and deposits

You will no longer lose money due to no-shows

The client pays a deposit when booking

In case of no-show, the provider keeps the deposit

Thanks to deposits, you will not lose money anymore

About the feature - Advance payments and deposits

You will no longer lose money when the client books a costly or time-consuming service and then they won’t show up. For each offered service, you can set an advance payment or a deposit and you are protected against the loss in case of no-show. When the client doesn’t come, you keep the deposit as a compensation for a missed appointment.

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Mauro Simon
Fabrika 48
Hotel Devín
Barber Club
Fabrika the beer pub
Dish Burgers
Július Beláň

Július Beláň

MANAŽÉR UFO watch.taste.groove

Rastislav Jakubička

Rastislav Jakubička

MAJITEĽ Auto Arena

Milada Nádašiová

Milada Nádašiová

MAJITEĽ A KONATEĽ Centrum pedikúry a podológie

Melinda Hradilová

Melinda Hradilová

Chief operating officer Fabrika 48

BookioPro simplifies our booking process . Our guests can book a table through our website anytime, allowing us to accommodate more guests and have a better overview. The number of phone reservations has dropped and the staff can focus better on the customers who are seated in our restaurant.

Bookio really saves our time, which surprised me. I didn't expect it at all. It has made our booking process simpler and more organized and avoided confusion and misunderstandings (e.g. we used to have unfortunate double bookings). Thanks to a greater overview, we can now manage more appointments. In addition, thanks to SMS reminders, clients do not forget to come and our business does not lose money.

Our company decided to work with this booking system about two years ago. We have more than 3,000 clients and a total of 5 employees who depend on a properly functioning booking system. The advantage of the booking system is that it is possible to view each of us either separately or together, or a combination of staff according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The reservation system is connected to the SMS gateway which allows us to automatically remind the client about the appointment either by a short text message to their mobile phone or by email.

We have positive experience with Bookio and we are very satisfied with it. We appreciate their prompt response and solutions in case of any problem. We would recommend this service to all businesses that need a good booking system. It simplifies the processes in your company.

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