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Bookio will also solve this bureaucracy for you. You have automatically implemented all approvals and documents in accordance with the regulation.

General business conditions in accordance with EU regulations

All GDPR conditions are met

The possibility to use your own GTC and GDPR

About our function - GTC and GDPR

You don't have to deal with government regulations regarding GDPR and GTC. Bookio. It will provide you with all the necessary legal documents in accordance with the latest EU regulations in the booking process. If you have already created your own GDPR and GTC , we can incorporate them into the booking form.

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Tatry Fly
Barber Club
Hotel Devín
Fabrika the beer pub
HRIC zubná ambulancia
Cafe Imperial
Milan Veselý

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Bc. et. Bc. Barbora Krupová

Optometrist & Optician DUOS očná optika

MUDr. Linda Králiková

MUDr. Linda Králiková

konateľ a garant ambulancie FBLR Fyzioactive

Roy Zsidai

Roy Zsidai

Majiteľ Jamie Oliver´s Diner

Using Bookio. it brought us insight into reservations as well as simplified the work of waiters in the district. In the e-book, they can see the reservations clearly in one place, and they don't have to pick up the phone instead of customer service. I appreciate that I can look at the reservations on my phone at home , and also write them down when someone calls me directly.

The booking system through Bookio is very transparent and really reliable . We especially appreciate functions such as reminding the customer of the appointment by SMS and e-mail . Since Bookio automatically sends reminders, it has significantly saved us hours of time . And in addition, we have almost 100% reservation utilization, as customers do not forget their appointment anymore.

We are very satisfied with Bookio. Booking planning is transparent and clear . We also want to highlight SMS reminders of appointments to our patients, which are automated. They saved us a lot of time and energy. I can't imagine working without this system.

We chose Bookio., because we feel that the team of people around this project shares the same values as us - they have a great work ethic and passion for what they do. Bookio. is a young but rapidly developing company and we are only happy to support and work with such a company. Developing a new version of Bookio together. has been an exciting journey and we are already looking forward to more joint projects in the future.

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