Function of the reservation system:


Reach out to clients who have not been with you for a long time

Invitation by SMS

It is sent if the customer has not been in operation for a long time

Setup only once and then everything works automatically

About our function - Invitation

Do you have customers who haven't shown up in a while ? Remind them! In Bookio. you can automatically set an invitation that will be sent to customers who have not been in the facility for more than the selected number of days. You don't have to think about it, Bookio. it will do it for you. SMS is sent automatically without the need to check anything .

Function Invitation - suitable for segments:

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Companies using Invitation:

We are a proud partner in more than 18,000 companies

Cafe Imperial
Fabrika the beer pub
Hotel Devín
MMG Freedom Barbers
Barber Club
Jan Turek

Jan Turek


Slavomíra Raškovič

Slavomíra Raškovič

manažérka/majiteľka Gašperov mlyn

Michal Oravec

Michal Oravec


Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

manažér kliniky MAZREKU medical

We wanted our guests to have the easiest possible way . So that they don't have to make phone calls, which often annoys them, we simply wanted to accommodate the guests as much as possible . We also decided on Bookio because it is not just a sales tool, but a comprehensive reservation system , which is unique in the Czech Republic. We didn't want the reservation system to just resell seats in our restaurants and take a commission from it.

The implementation of the Bookio reservation system in our operation helped us a lot to make the reception of reservations and their management more efficient - it saves our time, but mainly thanks to it we can optimize our capacities, both in the restaurant and in the accommodation area. We are very satisfied with the functionality of the system, but also with the customer support - the Bookio team is always willing to give us advice or solve our problems.

We work very well with the online Bookio system. It helped us that barbers have more freedom in their orders. Before, we had one common paper book, where each of the barbers had to sit down and mark their work. time. Now barbers can manage their time , their clients and their work breaks. With this program, we also brought greater professionalism and modern style to our orders . Sometimes it happened that the receptionist during his break or when he was busy, could not pick up the phone , which some of the clients explained as being ignored . We were sorry for this fact and we are glad that clients can now also order online .

Since we started using the functionality of bookia - paid reservations - we have managed to eliminate canceled reservations just before the deadline, thereby achieving smooth running of clinics and making our services more efficient.

The bookio reservation system in numbers:

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Successful online payments
Years of experience

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