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Last minute prices

Automatic price reduction as available dates approach

Automatic price reduction for unsold rooms

Setting percentage discounts

Price automatically displayed on all the channels

About the feature - Last minute prices

Fill your empty rooms, boost your occupancyand maximize your profits. With Bookio, you can set automated price reduction depending on the time left to sell the room. The price is reduced based on the percentage you choose. This way, you can fill even those rooms that would remain unoccupied, thereby increasing your sales automatically without any additional manual work.

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Fabrika the beer pub
Cafe Imperial
Rehab klinik
Jamie Oliver´s Diner
Bukowski bar
Gašperov mlyn
Július Beláň

Július Beláň

MANAŽÉR UFO watch.taste.groove

PhDr. Bronislava Švrčková

PhDr. Bronislava Švrčková

Koučka a konzultantka, www.dobrykouc.sk

Veronika Pekárková

Veronika Pekárková

Manažérka Café Imperial

Martin Kružlík

Martin Kružlík

majiteľ baru Baudelaire a Bukowski

BookioPro simplifies our booking process . Our guests can book a table through our website anytime, allowing us to accommodate more guests and have a better overview. The number of phone reservations has dropped and the staff can focus better on the customers who are seated in our restaurant.

Bookio saved me a lot of time and provided my clients with a convenient solution. I have an overview of bookings, payments, and clients canbook at any time.

Bookio has enabled us to streamline the booking system and, without us even trying, to make even more use of the restaurant's capacity and thus increase sales.

We use Bookio in both our bars- Bukowski and Baudelaire. Previously, we handled bookings through a combination of social media messages and phone calls, which led to various misunderstandings. After the implementation of the Bookio system, our colleagues have less trouble with taking down bookings manually , we have fewer errors in reservations, and we also appreciate the flexibility of the system, in which we can < b>turn off and on individual zones of bars according to the season and set the maximum number of bookings for different days.

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