Permanent tickets

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Permanent tickets

Sell season tickets simply and conveniently

Sale of season tickets online

Management of purchases directly in the system

Automatic check of validity by the reservation system

About our function - Permanent tickets

Thanks Bookio. you can sell and manage your season tickets online . It is convenient for you as well as for your customers. They can buy a season ticket with a few clicks, and you also don't have to worry about ticking them every time you visit. Bookio. it will automatically verify them for you.

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Gašperov mlyn
Zdravé masáže
MAZREKU medical
Na kopci
Rehab klinik
Fabrika the beer pub
Dish Burgers
Bistro ST. Germain
Tatiana Horváthová

Tatiana Horváthová

Sekcia inovácií, strategických investícií a analýz (HUB)

Lea Ballová

Lea Ballová

Marketing Manager | CZ & SK, Bolt

Milan Veselý

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

Samuel Pižont

Samuel Pižont

majiteľ Barber Club Košice

The online reservation portal BOOKIO greatly helped our project team in implementing a project from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic aimed at educating seniors in digital skills, where we could provide seniors with information about dates and addresses for the implementation of their training. Thanks to the SMS gateway and email notifications offered by the system, we were able to connect with many seniors in Slovakia and remind them of their upcoming reservation at regular intervals . At the same time, we appreciate the high professionalism of the entire team as well as the setup and appearance of the system. The BOOKIO booking system provides simple control, clear bookings and a number of options for creating courses, offering as much detail and information as possible for clients. The added value was also the cooperation with the BOOKIO team , who were always helpful and willing to listen to every request to improve the system or adapt it to our wishes and needs. We rate BOOKIO as a highly useful and professional reservation system suitable for everyone.

Thanks to the clear user interface that bookio provides, we can easily and quickly create any events according to our needs. For customers, the reservation system is understandable and intuitive , and you can confirm the reservation with a few clicks. In addition, Bookio provides consultations using the helpline, so we can consult or solve anything once or twice.

Using Bookio. it brought us insight into reservations as well as simplified the work of waiters in the district. In the e-book, they can see the reservations clearly in one place, and they don't have to pick up the phone instead of customer service. I appreciate that I can look at the reservations on my phone at home , and also write them down when someone calls me directly.

The Bookio reservation system made the running of our Barber club transparent and simple . Customers can conveniently book online and our barbers can easily view the bookings on their mobile phones . We also appreciate the label work. We assign labels to customers, so even a new team member immediately knows which customer he is serving.

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