Repeat bookings

Function of the reservation system:

Repeat bookings

Easy entry of recurring bookings

Repeat bookings saved in a few clicks

There is no need to constantly book ahead of time

The place is reserved in advance for a loyal client

About our function - Repeat bookings

When your customers regularly go for the procedure on the exact day and time, you can easily book them even half a year in advance with one reservation. Reservations are saved in a few clicks and the customer is satisfied that he always has a reserved place with you for a given time without the need to constantly re-book. You save time for yourself and your clients.

Function Repeat bookings - suitable for segments:

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Hotel Devín
MMG Freedom Barbers
DUOS očná optika
Rehab klinik
Fabrika 48
CompuGroup medical
Milada Nádašiová

Milada Nádašiová

MAJITEĽ A KONATEĽ Centrum pedikúry a podológie

JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

JUDr. Monika Šichmák Bočová

Zakladateľka Centra Vzdušnej Akrobacie a hlavný tréner

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

Ing. Klaudia Vlčková

manažér kliniky MAZREKU medical

MUDr. Linda Králiková

MUDr. Linda Králiková

konateľ a garant ambulancie FBLR Fyzioactive

We decided to work with the reservation system in the company about two years ago. We have more than 3,000 clients and a total of 5 employees who depend on a properly functioning reservation system. The advantages of the reservation system are that it is possible to see each of us either separately or together , or a combination of workers according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The reservation system is connected to an SMS gateway, which allows us to automatically remind the client of the appointment either by a short text message to a mobile phone or by email.

With group courses, it is extra difficult to fill and monitor capacity. We can't even imagine it without Bookio. We have multiple dates and limited capacity. Before using Bookia, we had to go through a lot of phone calls and messages in order to find a suitable date for all participants and at the same time fill the capacity efficiently.

Since we started using the functionality of bookia - paid reservations - we have managed to eliminate canceled reservations just before the deadline, thereby achieving smooth running of clinics and making our services more efficient.

We are very satisfied with Bookio. Booking planning is transparent and clear . We also want to highlight SMS reminders of appointments to our patients, which are automated. They saved us a lot of time and energy. I can't imagine working without this system.

The bookio reservation system in numbers:

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