Flexible price list

Function of the reservation system:

Flexible price list

Easy price setting for different seasons

Automated seasonal pricing

100% accurate overview of price regulation

Simplification aids

About our function - Flexible price list

In Bookio. pricing is a breeze. You can easily set a base price for individual room types and then easily adjust prices at different times of the year. Bookio. can automatically change all prices based on a specified percentage or amount . It is up to you which price regulation you prefer. If you don't want to change all prices in the same way, you can edit each item separately. Bookio. In addition , it always automatically informs you by what percentage the new price differs from your base price. In this way, you will always be in control of pricing.

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MMG Freedom Barbers
Bukowski bar
Cafe Imperial
Dish Burgers
Pavel Jiroušek

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

Samuel Pižont

Samuel Pižont

majiteľ Barber Club Košice

Roy Zsidai

Roy Zsidai

Majiteľ Jamie Oliver´s Diner

Mgr. Andrea Puková

Mgr. Andrea Puková

MANAŽÉRKA Veselá labka

We are satisfied with the choice of Bookio, its deployment simplified and made our operation more efficient . The system is already mature and stable . The web interface is intuitive and easy to use from phones and tablets at the bar and thus enables our employees to work with reservations dynamically and in real time with a minimum of additional communication about reservations "outside the system". Our customers appreciate and increasingly use the reservation form on the web , which immediately informs them of the current free capacity . As a result, many phone calls to our reservation number were dropped. The support from Bookio is very good , the response to several of our suggestions to improve the system was always quick and helpful.

The Bookio reservation system made the running of our Barber club transparent and simple . Customers can conveniently book online and our barbers can easily view the bookings on their mobile phones . We also appreciate the label work. We assign labels to customers, so even a new team member immediately knows which customer he is serving.

We chose Bookio., because we feel that the team of people around this project shares the same values as us - they have a great work ethic and passion for what they do. Bookio. is a young but rapidly developing company and we are only happy to support and work with such a company. Developing a new version of Bookio together. has been an exciting journey and we are already looking forward to more joint projects in the future.

Since we have several animal salons and more and more employees, we were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use reservation system . I admit that at first I myself was worried about how to set up the reservations correctly, but I succeeded and neither the employees nor the customers have a problem with it. The system also made it possible to have greater insight into the work of individual employees. In addition, dog groomers appreciate the opportunity to view bookings from home and manage their time more efficiently . I rate the communication with the Bookia staff at 1* . They will help even during vacation :)

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