SMS/Email Notifications

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SMS/Email Notifications

No more no-shows

Booking confirmation in your email or mobile phone

The certainty that the reservation is binding and confirmed

The customer is informed immediately when the booking is canceled or rescheduled

About the feature - SMS/Email Notifications

Guests have the booking confirmation always with them on their mobile phone so they don't forget about it. Confirmations are sent automatically by email/SMS when the booking is made - no need to do anything else. You can also text your customers if their reservation is canceled or changed . Sending SMS confirmations can reduce the total number of missed reservations.

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Veronika Pekárková

Manažérka Café Imperial

The exact time and date of patient appointments is considered to bea superior service in the healthcare industry. BOOKIO system has made it an expected service and in these days also necessary . BOOKIO is a system on which we have built the core of our company. It provides us and our patients with an up-to-date and accurate overview of a particular day, with all the important information and, last but not least, with the option of making an appointment with a doctor without having to contactthe staff. We have moved the booking process, which until now was the task of the medical staff, to the online environment, and we can focus more on our patients. We consider the system to be very easy to use with features that easily meet the needs of the provider of the services. Setting up the system was easy and so is working with it both for us and the patient.

Working with the Bookio online system has been great for us. Our barbers have now more freedom regarding their bookings, which is really helpful. Before that, we had one shared paper book and each of the barbers had to sit down and mark their working hours in it. Now barbers can easily manage their timeand work breaks as well as their clients. With this program, we have also brought more professionalism and modern style to our booking system. Sometimes when the receptionist couldn't answer the phone because they were busy or on their breaksome of the clients interpreted it as ignorance. We were sorry to hear that and we are glad that our clients can now make an appointment online.

Bookio has has streamlined the running of our Barber club.  Customers conveniently self-book online and our barbers can easily view the bookings on their mobile phone. We also appreciate thetags. We tag customers, so even a new team member knows right away what customer they are serving.

Bookio has enabled us to streamline the booking system and, without us even trying, to make even more use of the restaurant's capacity and thus increase sales.

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